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Why ILS is Top Flameproof Light Manufacturers in Gujarat ?

Ideal Lighting Plant
Plant 1 - Ankleshwar, Gujarat
Plant 2 Rajkot
Plant 2 - Rajkot, Gujarat

Expert Labour Team :

An in-house R&D and design department combined with unmatched technology knowledge allows ILS to continuously define new trends in lighting. The company’s end-to-end approach, from idea-to-implementation and service, its network of partners with full engagement of teams at every level, makes our customers to continue long association with us.

Are you looking for Top Flameproof Light Manufacturers in Gujarat Please contact Ideal Lighting Gujarat. We have best new technology flameproof led lights. We have experienced team for led light manufacturing. 

Best Experience in LED Light Manufacturing :

After more than ten years of forging new technologies adoption and transformation, our flameproof and weatherproof LED Luminaries are leading the industry through unrivaled expertise and capacity.

All ILS products are certified by CIMFR, BIS, PESO for Ex ‘d’ and Ex ‘nR’ with gas group IIA, IIB, IIC, EPL Gb & Db, Zone 1 & 2 in compliance to IS/IEC 60079-0:2011 (Electrical equipment for potentially explosive atmosphere-general requirements), 60079-1:2014 (flameproof protection), 60079-15:2010 ( Non spark cum restricted breathing), 60529:2001 ( Ingress protection), 60079-31:2013 ( dust ignition protection by enclosure ‘t’).
ILS flameproof products are being supplied to chemical, petrochemical, refinery, oil & gas, fertilizer, bulk drug, pharmaceutical, pesticides industries where as weatherproof lights are best suited for general industries, warehouse, shopping malls, airports etc.

Company Philosophy

Quality Policy

We at ILS committed to provide quality products and services to our customers through robust process, total employee engagement people and continual quality improvements.


To be a dominant player in lighting segment. This is achieved through competent and committed team for Operational & service excellence, wide product range, expanding market reach


To provide world class products to our customers which enables them to achieve best quality, productivity and experience.


Our staff make the company. We have people rather than jobs


We do all that is necessary for safety of the people, products and services.

Core Values

Integrity, respect for individual, honor commitment, process approach.

Company Credentials

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First Establisment

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Backward Integration

2016 – Inhouse Painting

2017 – Inhouse PDC

2018 – Inhouse CNC shop

2020 – Inhouse EMS 

Quality Assurance

ILS (Ideal Lighting) takes pride in its fully equipped laboratory, which enables us to conduct rigorous testing and validation of performance, quality, and safety parameters in accordance with national and international standards. Our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of excellence and compliance is reflected in the range of tests we perform

  1. EN 60598 / IS 10322 – Luminaire – General Requirement & Safety Test: This standard outlines the general requirements and safety tests for luminaires. We conduct comprehensive tests to assess the performance and safety of our luminaires, including electrical insulation, mechanical strength, temperature rise, and protection against electric shock.

  2. IEC 61347 / IS 15885 – Safety of LED Driver: LED drivers are a critical component of LED lighting systems. We adhere to the safety standards specified in IEC 61347 and IS 15885, conducting tests to evaluate the electrical, thermal, and mechanical safety of our LED drivers, ensuring their compliance with industry regulations.

Ideal Lighting Laboratory
  1. IEC 60529 – Ingress Protection Testing: Ingress protection (IP) testing determines the degree of protection provided by luminaires against the ingress of solid objects and liquids. We conduct IP testing in accordance with IEC 60529 to assess the protection level and ensure that our luminaires are suitable for specific environments.
  2. IEC 62262 – IK Impact Resistance Test: The IK impact resistance test measures the ability of luminaires to withstand mechanical impact. We follow IEC 62262 standards to evaluate the impact resistance of our luminaires, ensuring their durability and ability to withstand external forces.

  3. IEC 61000-4-5 – Surge Immunity Test: Surge immunity testing evaluates the ability of luminaires to withstand sudden voltage surges. We conduct surge immunity tests in accordance with IEC 61000-4-5 to ensure that our luminaires can withstand transient overvoltage events and maintain their performance and safety.

  4. IES 61000-3-2 – Limits of Harmonic Current Emission: Harmonic current emission testing is performed to assess the electrical characteristics of luminaires. We adhere to the limits specified in IES 61000-3-2 to ensure that our luminaires comply with harmonic current emission requirements, minimizing the impact on the electrical system.

  5. EN 55015 – Conducted Emission & Radiated Emission Test: Conducted and radiated emission testing assesses the electromagnetic compatibility of luminaires. We conduct tests as per EN 55015 standards to measure and control conducted and radiated electromagnetic emissions, ensuring that our luminaires do not interfere with other electrical devices.

By conducting these tests and adhering to the specified standards, we ensure that our lighting solutions meet the highest levels of performance, quality, and safety. Our fully equipped laboratory, staffed with skilled engineers, enables us to validate the performance and reliability of our products, providing our customers with lighting solutions they can trust.

Choose ILS for lighting solutions that have undergone rigorous testing and validation, meeting national and international standards for performance, quality, and safety. Contact us today to explore our range of tested and certified lighting solution

Customer Support

Design, Solution & Service support

Lighting Design
  • Illumination design support to prescribe right products, qty, light quality and levels as per industry standards
  • TDS, LM79, LM80, Photo biological, IP and IK test reports available which ensures quality, performance & reliability.
  • ROI, comparison, prior power audit, installation procedure and services are provided for error free project execution.