IFC40 Series    30W, 45W, 60W, 70W

Flameproof Cleanroom Light IFC40

Ex d  IIC  T6

IIC, PESO & ISI approved

IP66, IK07, Class 1

Flameproof Cleanroom Light IFC40

Are you looking for Best Flameproof Canopy Light Manufacturer in India. We Provide Flameproof Cleanroom Light IFC40 exclusively range between 30 to 70 watts. They come with SS frame and borosilicate lens with 93% transmittance and many CCT options to offer maintenance free operation for years. ILS Flood Lights are  made of in-house die-casted case and heat sink. This provides excellent performance and reliability to provide good service.

Wattage           : 30W / 45W / 60W / 70W

CCT                 : 6500K / 5000K / 3000K

CRI                 : >70

Beam Angle     : 60º / 90º / 120º

Input Supply    : 90 ~ 305V AC, 50/60Hz,  Surge >4KV

Ta                   : -10ºC ~ 50ºC


  • Fire & Ignition proof.
  • Soft and comfortable light to relieve the fatigue of eyes.
  • Excellent CRI for actual colour reproduction.
  • Energy saving efficiency and low heat produce.
  •  AL die-cast housing for excellent heat management.
  • Quick installation, special design,
  • Highly reliable professional design.


  • Pharma Industry, Paint Industry,
  • Fertilizer Industry, Oil & Gas Industry,
  • LPG Bottling Industry, Chemical Industry,
  • Steel Industry, Cement Industry,
  • Refineries & Petrochemicals



  • Borosilicate Glass Lens 
  • High transmission 93%
  • Non-Removable

LED Driver 

  • Rated supply : 240V AC, 50/60 Hz.
  • PF > 0.95, THD <10%
  • Short / Open circuit protection,
  • U/V, O/V protection.

Thermal management

  • Silicon based TIM
  • Very high conductivity

Standards Compliance

  • IS 15885 ( Part 2/Sec 13)
  • EN 61000-3-2, Harmonics Current
  • EN 61000-3-3, Voltage Fluctuations, Flicker
  • EN 61000-4-5, Surge Immunity
  • EN 61547, EMC


  • Pendent – Eye Bolt ( Default ).
  • Pendent C – Clamp ( Optional ).

Weight & Cable entry

  • Weight – 5.0 Kg.
  • Cable entry – M20,  2 Nos
  • Easy Installation.

Option 1 – IFC40-Square 325x325mm

Flameproof Cleanroom Light IFC40

Option 2 – IFC41-Round 309mm dia

Flameproof Canopy / Clean room Light IFC41

Option 3 – IFC42 – Armstrong ceiling

Flameproof Canopy / Cleanroom Light IFC42

Dimensions ( mm )

Dimensions IFC40

Dimensions ( mm ) 

Flameproof Canopy / Clean room Light IFC41

Dimensions ( mm ) 

Flameproof Canopy / Clean room Light IFC42

Embrace the Eternal Glow: Flameproof Cleanroom Light IFC40

Step into the sacred sanctum of your cleanroom, where every particle dances in harmony with the symphony of precision. Amidst the hallowed halls, let the Flameproof Cleanroom Light IFC40 emerge as your guiding beacon, illuminating your path with an ethereal brilliance that transcends mere luminescence.

Key Features:
In the heart of the immaculate design of the Flameproof Cleanroom Light IFC40 lies an essence of resilience, forged amidst the flames of adversity. This luminary guardian boasts:

A Flameproof Embrace: Enshrouded in an aura of invincibility, the IFC40 stands tall against the tempestuous winds of uncertainty, ensuring safety in the face of chaos.

Radiance Unveiled: Behold the celestial glow emanating from the depths of the IFC40, an incandescent display that unveils the hidden truths of your pristine domain with unrivaled clarity.

Whispers of Purity: Woven into the very fabric of its being, the IFC40 resonates with the purest intentions, harmonizing effortlessly with the sanctity of your sacred space.

Dance of Efficiency: Witness the ballet of efficiency unfold before your eyes as the IFC40 gracefully illuminates every corner of your realm, casting aside shadows of doubt with each flicker of its radiant flame.

Endurance Eternal: From the ashes of uncertainty arises the phoenix of durability, as the IFC40 stands as a testament to resilience, a stalwart guardian that withstands the test of time.

Embrace the luminous embrace of the Flameproof Cleanroom Light IFC40, and behold the transformative power it bestows upon your realm:

Safety’s Embrace: Find solace in the embrace of safety offered by the IFC40, a guardian angel that shields your sacred space from the ravages of chaos.

Clarity’s Revelation: Peer into the depths of clarity illuminated by the IFC40, and uncover the hidden mysteries that lie beneath the surface of your pristine domain.

Sanctity’s Song: Let the melodious hymn of sanctity resonate through your realm, as the IFC40 lends its voice to the chorus of purity that defines your sacred space.

Efficiency’s Ballet: Dance to the rhythm of efficiency choreographed by the IFC40, and witness the seamless harmony it orchestrates within the confines of your pristine sanctuary.

Endurance’s Legacy: Leave behind a legacy of endurance and resilience, as the IFC40 stands as a timeless monument to the indomitable spirit that defines your realm.